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What Membership options does Burn Boot Camp offer?

Q: What Membership options does Burn Boot Camp offer?

A: Burn Boot Camp offers various Membership Options to meet you where you are at in your journey. 


Single Gym Membership – This Membership is offered to anyone looking to receive the full amenities at any single Burn Boot Camp Brick & Mortar location, identified as their “home gym”. In addition, this Membership offers discounted drop-in rates at Burn Boot Camp locations across the Nation. 

*Drop-in rates may vary by location.


Universal Membership – This Membership allows Member’s to enjoy full amenities at any Burn Boot Camp location across the Nation, with no drop-in fee.


On Demand – Join On Demand to access hundreds of videos including 12 different workout categories and daily Live Protocol workouts. If you love the idea of working out in-gym and on-the-go, we offer On Demand as an add on to any Single Gym or Universal Membership option for a discounted price!


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